August 7, 2017

Guided meditation is the easiest way to welcome mindfulness into your life for more success, happiness and calm. 

Introducing guided meditations into workplaces has a positive effects on employees' mental health. Think it's not your business? Mental health is everyone's business with staff absenteeism due to stress and anxiety costing business billions.

Mindfulness meditation is a clinically proven technique to help staff manage stress, improve productivity and achieve a good work-life balance, because work life balance and wellbeing is not just about flexible work schedules and office dogs.

Some people lack the tools and skills to be able to achieve balance at work. Research shows that mindfulness can help staff take a pre-emptive approach to managing their mental health, stress and their emotions in the workplace.

Every dollar spent supporting staff with mental health issues yields a 230% return in improved productivity.

But good leaders don't just care about productivity, they care about people.
Staff are an organisation's most precious asset and supporting them through mental health issues will keep them engaged.

Here's our pick of the 3 best and most importantly free guided meditations for work within the Smiling Mind app that help make Mondays that much easier for you and your team.


Meeting Starters Free Guided Meditation Program

When we're busy and stressed we tend to race through the day, often worrying about the next thing we need to do before we've even finished what we're working on now. 

Breaking up your day with a tiny bit of mindfulness is an effective way to help reset and refocus.

This program includes 3 free guided meditations that will help reset team focus and boost morale even on Mondays!


1. Short Pre-meeting meditation

At just 1:57 this is a short practice designed to help reset the room in preparation for the meeting ahead. 

Meditation before meetings may result in high quality business outcomes and meeting efficiencies not previously experienced. 

2. Put a Comma In Your Day

Many people think they need to put a full stop int heir day by doing a longer more formal guided meditation to reap the benefits but short 'mini/ meditations are surprisingly effective, like putting a comma in your day. Try this short mini free guided meditation for work in just 4:56 on Smiling Mind's app. 

3. Mindful Mindset 

Consciously engage your sense of listening with this 5 minute mindfulness meditation. Bringing conscious awareness to sounds helps us step out of autopilot.