Staying mentally healthy when you're working from home

March 27, 2020

Working from home for an extended period of time will be new to many of us. We've compiled these some tips to make this period of time as easy and productive as possible.


Check in with yourself

Now more than ever it’s important to look after yourself both mentally and physically.  Uncertainty is difficult to manage for all of us as our fears and worries can be exacerbated by a constant cycle of bad news.  

  • Don’t over-consume media - It’s important to stay informed, but over reading can make you feel more anxious - make sure you read official and trusted sources of information
  • Practice mindfulness - take this time to establish or strengthen your mindfulness practice.  Check out the Smiling Mind app and start with a simple body scan.
  • Talk it out - if you’re finding you’re feeling anxious or worried find someone to speak with - make sure its a person you feel safe with but also a person who can be your rational sounding board - anxiety breeds anxiety so if you’re talking to someone who is also distressed it might not help 
  • Get some fresh air - remember you can still go outside - make sure you’re taking time out in nature to clear your head - a quick lap of the block can do wonders for your mind!


Stay connected

It’s important more than ever to stay connected, isolation isn’t healthy even for the most introverted of people!

  • Doing work calls? Turn on video! Seeing people’s faces is an important part of how we connect as humans.  During video conferences make sure you have your video turned on. Calling friends? Use Facetime
  • Use your instant messaging tool (Slack/Yammer/Teams/Facebook) to keep colleagues and team mates updated on your availability and whereabouts
  • Daily check-ins - have a bit of fun.  Ask your team to participate in daily challenges, and continue to to keep in touch with one another, beyond work such as sharing recipes, memes and fun. 


Finally, keep it real!

Working from home may sound like a dream, but it’s important we still treat our day like we usually would - a regular workday. 

  • Make sure you set your alarm for the same time you normally would
  • Establish a routine so you take breaks and get fresh air, and manage your time 
  • Make sure you’re comfortable and you have a work area set up with everything you need - natural light is important so make sure you open those blinds!


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